Where do I park?

When you pull into the lot off Indianapolis you may park wherever you wish. The only designated parking is for the handicapped near the entrances to the church and for the Rector, near the entrance to the Parish Hall. The handicapped symbol is painted on the parking spaces. If the church parking lot is full, parking is acceptable around the property of the church on the grass. There are also parking spaces across the street at Greenwood Park.


Our Worship

The Sunday bulletin, mentioned previously, also contains information on what to do, including words for some of the songs/hymns, e.g. the pre-service song, when to sit and stand, and when to take communion (see below for more information on Holy Communion). If you aren’t sure of something, just watch to see what those around you do.



You can sit anywhere that you feel comfortable. If you arrive once the service has begun, we ask that you be seated during a time of the service that is discreet so as not to disturb other worshipers. When you arrive before the time for service, it is customary to go right on in, take a seat, and either kneel to pray or sit and reflect.


During The Service

There will be opportunities for you to participate with singing, scripture reading and greeting those around you during the offering of the Peace.  



All Christians baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are welcome at the Lord’s Table. Come forward to the Altar Rail as the Ushers direct you and take the next available place at the altar. It is customary to reverence the altar by bowing your head.  You may kneel or stand to receive the elements (the bread and wine), though the custom for most of our parishioners is to kneel.


Receive the communion bread from the Priest in your open right palm, crossed over your left in the shape of a cross. You may then take the bread to your mouth, or, if you wish to receive by intinction (dipping), place the communion bread between the thumb and index finger of your right hand and hold the bread over your open left palm. This signals to the Priest or the Chalice Bearer to allow you to intinct the wafer into the wine.You may also choose to receive the wine directly from the chalice by gently guiding it to your lips as the Chalice Bearer presents it to you. If you choose not to receive the wine, simply cross your arms across your chest after you have received the wafer. The Church has long held that the Sacrament is effectual even when only one of the elements is received. Please return to your pew as soon as the next person has received the wine. If it is physically difficult for you to come to the Altar Rail, please indicate this to an Usher and a Priest will bring Communion to you where you are seated. If you are wearing lipstick, please blot your lips well before you receive the chalice, or you may receive by intinction.


Children Receiving Communion

It is our tradition at St. Timothy’s that children receive First Communion instruction, normally in their third grade year, before receiving Communion. Please see the priest for information on classes.


Receiving Blessing

If you, or your child(ren), would like to receive a blessing from the Priest at the Altar Rail, come forward just as you would to receive Communion and cross your arms across your chest, and/or instruct your child(ren) to do the same.


Length of Service

The service generally lasts one hour. As our guest, we extend a warm welcome to you. You can help us by introducing yourself to the clergy and by filling out a Welcome Card (found in the pew rack or presented to you by a Greeter when you first enter). Place the card in the offering plate, and we will be in touch with you in the next few days to let you know more about our Parish family.



Immediately following the 10 a.m. service, please join us in the adjoining Parish Hall briefly for the Coffee Hour. It will give us an opportunity to get to know you and for you to meet those who are worshiping with you. Light snacks and drinks are served.



The process of becoming a member of St. Timothy’s usually begins by attending the Discovery Classes. For more information regarding membership, please see the priest following the service.