Current and Future Events at St. Timothy’s

A small but enthusiastic group continues to attend the Spanish language service of prayer and readings in the parish hall that began at the end of June. Both English and Spanish language participants meet at the altar in the church to share in the Eucharistic elements and again, after service, for coffee and other refreshments in the parish hall.

This past Sunday, we discussed together their wish to move towards reintroducing a full Spanish language Eucharist, a wish that both Spanish and English speakers  wholeheartedly share. The difficulty, as when the previously held services ended, is obtaining the services of a bilingual supply priest or priests. Our hope is that with the advent of fall, we will be able to welcome back those who have previously celebrated for us. However, a more permanent solution, perhaps a bivocational priest would bring the consistency and familiarity that many worshipers prefer. We welcome your prayers for a solution to this problem. Meanwhile, we discussed how former members might be contacted and invited to return. 

The summer vacation from school will end next month, but as a part of the outreach to former members and to the surrounding area, our Hispanic community plans to hold a weekend vacation Bible School. If you have children who would be interested in attending or are interested in helping with this, please call and leave your contact information with Nancy, our secretary.


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