Sad Yet Celebrating!

March 3rd, 2019, St. Timothy’s invites all former members, clergy, staff and friends of St. Tim’s to join us for our final celebration of the Eucharist.

Those of us who currently worship here, can no longer maintain the property or support a ministry. The Diocese of Texas plans to begin a new ministry here at a future date.

So, let us give thanks and rejoice! St. Timothy’s represents over 60 years of worship and service having been born of the coming together in 1982, of two congregations – All Saints, Galena Park and St. Simons and St. Jude at the current location.

This amalgamation became St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. Begun in a small wooden building, we end with a beautiful church and a spacious parish hall.

On Sunday, we will give thanks to God for all who have worshipped and served here; giving of their talents, time and treasure to witness our Lord Jesus Christ.

We will also give thanks for fellowship enjoyed, blessings received and the friendships and memories that will continue.

Lift Up Your Hearts!!

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