How to get healthy hair after bleaching

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Shorter hair is better and happier. I knew some of it would, because bleaching is very bad for your hair, but I also knew I have very healthy and thick hair and my hairdresser is a pro, so besides cutting off some split ends that were already dead, my hair survived really well.

And when I do wear color I stick with one tone. I find that black, grey, navy, burgundy, pastel pink and baby blue work best. Het staat je heel mooi. Your email address will not be published. Stock up on hair masks and silver shampoo.

Wait, now black. My Fantabulous World! So gorgeous that I was considering skipping my plan to become a natural blonde again. Shopaholic In London. So you will have blonde roots over your dark grey hair.

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  • Enjoy your hair. Ik ben nog steeds aan het twijfelen, maar vind het echt onwijs gaaf!
  • Embrace the darkness and think of Blondie. After that I went back and my heroin Nikita spent another day getting it to the color it is now, a dark grey.

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Fenna says:. She hosts blogging masterclasses, takes on online cases for big companies and is an experienced speaker on online topics. There has been some confusion about my hair lately. Dit is grote liefe. I wanted dark grey hair.

  • A bit of root makes it hot!
  • Michelle says:.

Anne Stikvoort. Helaas kan ik het niet meer gewoon aan de lucht laten drogen, want dan ziet het er niet uit. Wear a lot of monochrome and black. Elisa says:. Avoid styling tools and heat. Yara as speaker Yara Michels is a professional blogger, NET5 tv-host, zijn koetjes op het droge zetten.


Staat je super! Did my hair die? I find that black, grey, navy, burgundy, pastel pink and baby blue work best.

Moniek says:. So you will have blonde roots over your dark grey hair? Enjoy your hair. Read more. Aka your best one euro interior find ever. Less is more in this case, and platinum often looks more effortless and cool on shorter hair. Ik ben er erg tevreden over, een aanrader.

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Did my hair die? Speed dialing hair dresser in 3, 2, 1…. Xoxo Elisa. Carlita says:. So these are my eight commandments for anyone looking to take the next blonde step!

  • Maar wel prachtig.
  • I would suggest trying a LOT of highlights instead!
  • Bedankt voor je tips, ik twijfel nog ff verder ; xx.
  • Overigens vind ik dat je voor sommige gelegenheden best een goede donkere rouge met wit haar kan combineren.

Maar wel prachtig. En bordeaux rode lippenstift kan ook heel goed. Platinum hair quite drastically changes your face. And of course Maroccan Oil does wonders as well. Goeie tips geef je ook. You should always use just these two,I am using too. Vind het zo leuk allemaal.

Wear a lot of monochrome and black! Fashion Kosten tweede huis in frankrijk Diary!

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Go easy on the make-up. So, to answer the most asked questions: Is my hair black now? Ik heb ook lange tijd witblond haar gehad, en inderdaad door heel veel highlights.

Yara Michels is a professional blogger, award nominated and marketing author and all-round business chick, let them light up your life like a candle in the night and may they color your year like a rainbow. Anne Stikvoort. Cheveux Mode - 25 Inspiring long Bob Coiffures.

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