Retirement Ceremony for CSM Maryeva Beesley

Members of the St. Timothy’s Chancel Choir sang the national anthem for the retirement ceremony. Choir director David Taylor said he was happy to report that his choir actually SANG on the deck of the Battleship Texas. No lip syncing or taped music and they did a splendid job. “The choir is used to the great acoustics of our worship space so to get the effect of only being able to hear our own voices, they rehearsed singing into the wall where the sound dropped off in front of them.”


From left, Carolyn Dial, Ruth Kay, Karie Nicholson and Barbara Adams. In back, Jackie Parrish Bill Williams, Erwin Hendricks, Lois Cooper and Linda Hendricks. — at Battleship of Texas.

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  1. Ruth C. Kay says:

    As a participant in this event, I am pleased to see it so well portrayed with a pleasing overall layout & a good variety of visuals. I particularly like being able to enlarge each image. That of the battleship ceremony is quite stunning.

  2. Barbara Adams says:

    I was very impressed with this ceremony. Being a person who is very patriotic, it was very meaningful to me, and knowing Maryeva and her dedication to serving our country for many years, it was great.

  3. Lois Robinson says:

    May God’s grace follow Maryeva into her retirement.

  4. Maryeva Beesley says:

    I was so pleased to have my friends and family around me for my retirement ceremony on the Battle Ship Texas. I grew up in this area and thought it would be appropriate to end my 35 years with the United States Army in such a gloriously historic place.

    Many thanks to my friends and family and of course the St. Timothy’s Choir for making this a very special day!
    Love, Maryeva

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